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Adam’s Story

This chair has opened up a world for him, a world that we all take for granted.

There are few times when I run into people who have the utmost kind and caring spirit. I just wanted you to know that Brian and Jessica have been absolutely fabulous as we took the 9-month journey to get a new wheelchair for my 25 year old son Adam. Jessica was great at keeping us abreast of what was going on, she was so responsive and we were always able to connect even with my busy schedule. She treated me like a member of her own family, knowing how important this decision was, and how eager we were to get the chair. I so much appreciated her tenacity and integrity. You don’t often find people like Jessica, and she was a complete joy to work with.

Brian was equally as pleasurable to work with. He was so incredibly patient with us, he was thorough, he was extremely knowledgeable. I cannot stress enough how his knowledge impressed me and helped us with our decision making as a family. He was always on time, he always had a smile on his face. When he was training Adam to use the chair he always waited patiently to make sure Adam understood each direction. He could sense how much anxiety Adam had through the process, and just waited and smiled through each step. I so much appreciate that!

Thank you for all you do.

PHOTO – The picture (at right) shows Adam eating at our “bar” for the first time in 25 years. He can now be up, eating with his siblings for a quick lunch. Adam can be at the “high table” now at the bowling alley, with his cousins. We no longer have to worry about going into a bar/restaurant and worrying if they have low tables. Adam can’t wait to get to his workplace now, where he can reach things. Adam is exploring a world at 5 foot tall he never knew existed. Thank you for being a part of something Epic for my son.

May 2017 – Written by Adam’s mom, Lisa

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