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Client Information Booklet

Basic Home Safety

Precautions and Guidelines 

When a Home Care Medical staff person delivers and sets up equipment in your home, he or she will conduct a home safety and environment evaluation. This evaluation is done to assess your home’s safety and to determine if there are any environmental conditions that may pose hazards to your well-being and to the safe, efficient use of your equipment.

If, at anytime, you have questions about the safe use of your equipment or notice any changes in your equipment that might make it unsafe, please call Home Care Medical at 262.786.9870.We strongly encourage you to follow these guidelines below:

Electrical Safety

  • Be sure electrical outlets are grounded and the required amperage.
  • Use only three-pronged extension cords.
  • Use three-pronged plug adapters when required and ground to outlet.
  • Do not plug equipment into an electrical outlet that is already being used.
  • Frequently check for exposed or faulty cords or wiring.
  • Be sure electrical cords do not interfere with walkways.
  • Do not expose electrical equipment to water or other liquids.

Stairway Safety

  • Do not use loose rugs at the top or bottom of a stairway.
  • Do not store things (newspapers, boxes, tools, etc.) on stairs.
  • Keep outdoor steps dry – remove snow and ice.

Walking Safety

  • Wear flat or low heeled shoes with non-skid soles. Keep shoes in good repair.
  • Be sure walkways are clear. Do not have furniture, clothing, electrical cords, etc. interfering with walkways.
  • Be sure walkways are well lit. Lamps and light switches should be safely and conveniently located.
  • Sidewalks and outdoor steps should be shoveled, sanded and/or salted during cold, wet weather.


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