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Respiratory Care – Oxygen, CPAP/PAP and Ventilator Care

HHS1011_SimplyGo_motorcycle1_CKHiLgAward-winning Team Serving Southeastern Wisconsin for 40 Years

Accredited by the Joint Commission and an active member of WAMES, The MedGroup and AAHomecare, our award-winning team of health care professionals has been a leading provider of Oxygen, PAP and Ventilator Care Therapy in Southeastern Wisconsin for 40+ years.

Our best+fit Respiratory Care programs include:

  • Oxygen Therapy – The goal of our best+fit Oxygen Therapy program is to ensure each patient receives the appropriate home oxygen delivery system initially, and throughout the duration of use.
  • PAP Therapy – Our best+fit PAP Therapy program consists of the following main steps . . . patient intake and insurance verification; scheduling of PAP set-ups and re-instructions; PAP follow-up and compliance monitoring; and Compliance Monitoring Tools. Our goal is to have our patients compliant at 30 days. We also offer aerosol therapy, phototherapy, plus products and services for patients in need of apnea monitors.
  • Ventilator Care – Our goal for our best+fit Ventilator Care Program is to provide the training and support necessary to enable the ventilator-dependent patient to live at home safely – and to achieve the highest level of independence.
  • Speciality Programs – Home Care Medical’s best+fit Respiratory Care Specialty Programs are designed, implemented and monitored to improve the quality of life of those we serve and, in so doing, help reduce hospital readmission rates for advanced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Progressive Neuromuscular disease and Thoracic Restrictive diseases. Our Respiratory Care Speciality Programs include: Non-Invasive Ventilation Program, Pulmonary Clearance Therapy, Overnight Oximetry, and Early Pulmonary Screening Program (EPSP).

Professional Care

Our licensed Respiratory Therapists perform a variety of clinical functions for each therapy, including: clinical respiratory assessments, follow-up home visits to monitor patient compliance, detailed progress reports and additional training when necessary. Our professional Respiratory Care staff stays in tune with the industry and is constantly learning, bringing the best home to your patients. (Scroll down for detailed job descriptions of our best+fit Respiratory Care team.)  

Managed Care Relationships 

Financial burdens and insurance limitations can take your breath away. We can help.

Home Care Medical is pleased to work with Insurance Companies – Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare; Networks; Hospice Agencies, Nursing Services and Facilities; and Medicare Part D Contracts. For the complete list, please visit our Managed Care RelationshipsPlease note, Insurance Companies that are not listed may be a part of Networks. When calling Home Care Medical to verify an Insurance Company, please make sure to provide Network information as well.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us or call our Home Care Medical Billing (Private / Commercial) at 262.786.9870 x206.

Location. Location. Location.

Home Care Medical is pleased to offer a variety of Respiratory Care locations to serve you.

Respiratory Care Clinical Outcomes 

Home Care Medical (HCM) is committed to our mission of enhancing the quality of life of those we serve. In our continual pursuit of excellence, we monitor several performance measures – including our Respiratory Care Clinical Outcomes. The results of our Clinical Outcomes enable us to modify our policies and procedures to ensure we continue to provide superior care, products and services that our customers have come to know and trust.

Home Care Medical is proud of our Respiratory Care Clinical Outcomes results: 

  • Oxygen Clinical Outcomes – In 2015, Home Care Medical’s Oxygen Patient Rehospitalization Clinical Outcomes average is 4.2%. According to a 2010 Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice atlas report, the percentage of Southeastern Wisconsin patients readmitted within 30 days of medical discharge is 15.4 to 15.9%.
  • PAP Clinical Compliance – In 2015, Home Care Medical’s current PAP user compliance rate average is 74%. According to Medicare, a data report from the PAP device which documents use of the PAP device for at least four hours per night on 70% of the nights for a 30 consecutive day period during the trial. 
  • Ventilator Care Clinical Outcomes – Ventilator clients hospitalized for respiratory related infections for 2015 is 5.825% (average). The primary diagnosis for hospitalization was pneumonia and shortness of breath. According to Predictors of hospital readmission, the overall mean readmission rate was 27%  (1991) with a significant difference based on patient diagnosis.

For more information, download our comprehensive: Respiratory Care Clinical Outcomes brochure (pdf)

Respiratory Care Program Information

Oxygen Therapy 

PAP Therapy 

Ventilator Care 

Our best+fit Respiratory Care Team

Home Care Medical’s product selection is expansive. Our staff is highly qualified and our service is unparalleled. Our team of Respiratory Therapists, Respiratory Specialists, Emergency Medical Technicians, Home Care Technicians and support staff have over 160 years of combined respiratory care experience. Primary duties of the respiratory team are delineated as follows:

  • Respiratory Therapists: Teach utilization of equipment to users and family members and provide patient care for people needing ventilators, apnea monitors, oxygen, PAP and phototherapy therapy.
  • Respiratory Specialists/Emergency Medical Technicians: Follow-up on patients new to oxygen. They evaluate patients for the most appropriate oxygen delivery system, which could be LOX, Concentrator, Oxygen Conserving Device or a self-filling oxygen system. They also review the home safety aspects of having oxygen in the home – including oxygen outcomes and compliance monitoring.
  • Respiratory Clinical Support Staff: Coordinate discharge and set-ups for new oxygen patients. They are our lead in handling customer questions and concerns.
  • Respiratory Support Coordinators: Help with scheduling, coordinating compliance, and work closely with Respiratory Intake Specialists to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Respiratory Intake Specialists: Process calls from clients and referrals that are placing initial and ongoing orders for respiratory products and services.
  • Home Care Technicians: Are trained to deliver, set-up and educate patients on oxygen therapy equipment. They teach clients the safe and effective use of the equipment.

We make the world a better place

  • Babies breathe on our Ventilators.
  • Toddlers improve therapy with our Nebulizer Solutions.
  • Moms stay active with our Afflovest.
  • Dads sleep better with our PAP Therapy.
  • And, Grandmas visit friends with our Traveling Oxygen.

We touch so many lives . . . everyday. How may we help you?

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